Assertiveness is about possessing the confidence and presence of mind to say what needs to be said with empathy and without anger or prejudice.

By being totally proactive and understanding where you are coming from will help you communicate and achieve a more positive outcome.

Harassment, violence and bullying are common at work, school and home. Statistics are high and there are many incidences that are not even reported.

Assertiveness, communication and respect can help eradicate this trend. Our goal is safe communication, without physical confrontation!

Your staff, students or conference attendees will be inspired, captivated and motivated by Kevin to change their approach and this will positively impact your bottom line with a better performing team of skilled individuals.

As his book, "School of Hard Knocks" says "there is much more to Kevin, his presentations and his book than just prison stories."

"Two prisoners whose cells adjoin

 communicate with each other by

 knocking on the wall. The wall is the

 thing which separates them but is

 also their means of communication.

 It is the same with us."

 Simone Weil, French Philosopher

"We have two ears and one mouth so we

 can listen twice as much as we speak"