"There we were, two stubborn, pigheaded, egotistical fools... This corporal stayed on my case for the entire twelve weeks of basic training. I became his pet challenge and he seized every opportunity he got to make me suffer."

What would be your weapon of choice in this instance? There is much more to Kevin and his book, than just prison stories. With mounting pressures on individuals to perform in every aspect of their lives Kevin’s teachings will resonate with you no matter what your situation.

Kevin Collister's autobiography provides valuable practical tools to help you cope with corporate and personal pressures, so your voyage through life is a safe and more rewarding one.


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"A very interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile read! Kevin has shared personal stories and encounters from his work with the police and prisons and offered many practical and sensible tips on managing difficult and confronting circumstances that have come from his experiences. They show great insight, common sense and give confidence that we could all use the same skills if necessary. I particularly valued his commitment to the non-violent nonaggressive approach to conflict resolution preferring a calm, respectful, positive and affirming manner which as he has illustrated can be achieved with hardened criminals and so can be used successfully in any situation that we may face in our own professional and personal lives."

Andrew Hocking, Deputy Principal – Head of Senior School, Yarra Grammar.

"... Kevin Collister’s career has landed him in life-threatening situations countless times and his PEACE process will change your perspective on conflict resolution. This is essential information for anyone who wants to not just survive, but thrive, in our post-GFC world..."

Robyn Haydon, Principal Consultant, Winning Words & author of The Shredder Test – the Australian guide to writing winning proposals

"People usually buy books for one of three reasons: entertainment, education or as thought provoker. Kevin’s book is definitely a mixture of all three. ….It is apparent to me that he has learned from the school of hard knocks, and isn’t that the best way to get an education that is practical and applicable..."

David D Brown, GAICD, Chief Executive Officer,

MIGAS Apprentices and Trainees

"Kevin's world is unfamiliar to me but his message is not. I found his story totally engaging and the lessons he has learned along the way resonated – confidence, awareness, empathy, respect, communication, self belief and strength of character are all attributes and skills we have the potential to develop and employ in our very different lives. Kevin’s anecdotes illustrate his message quite powerfully – they speak of a belief in his philosophies and an appreciation of the opportunity to learn from life, whatever the circumstances. It is a worthwhile and important message."

Mary Toomey, Athlete Well-Being Manager,

Netball Australia

"I found Collister’s 'School of Hard Knocks' a must have accessory to his very engaging presentations on conflict resolution. He has a lengthy career rich in diverse experiences and his book serves as a wonderful reminder."

Katie Scott, Australian Paramedic.

"We have two ears and one mouth so we

 can listen twice as much as we speak"